The Leadership Team

The leadership team consists of three distinct components

Senior Leadership; Bravites; and “Friends of the BRAVE.”

Senior Leadership

Leroy Ashwood is the President and Chief Executive Officer of BRAVE for Veterans, Inc. Serving in that capacity since 2009, he, together with his Senior Leadership Team and a committed volunteer support group known as “Bravites,” have established brand recognition in Massachusetts for helping Veterans obtain sustainable employment. Mr. Ashwood’s career leadership positions have been in public service and social entrepreneurship. He created start-ups in the non-public sector that confronted challenges requiring solutions to improve the nature of peoples’ lives. His interests have extended to service on several professional and local community boards in Massachusetts and he holds awards for his participation in those capacities. He is a graduate of Brandeis University with a degree in Politics.

While Leroy Ashwood is the day-to-day manager of BRAVE’s services, BRAVE’s remaining senior leadership team is mostly comprised of military Veterans. They are men and women who have professional and career experience at all levels of government, in senior management appointments, as well as within the private and non-profit sectors.

BRAVE’s senior leadership team has professional and career experience at the federal Senior Executive Service (SES) financial management level, federal and state grants and contracts management, non-profit organization management, corporate strategic relationships, employment and training strategies expertise and successful entrepreneurship in business model concepts that improve the quality of people’s lives.


BRAVITES are committed supporters and volunteers who make themselves available for regular and ongoing consults and input for the development of the program. They are, in effect, an ad hoc board of advisors of the BRAVE mission.

“Friends of the BRAVE”

“Friends of the BRAVE” are the core group of supporters of the original and revised BRAVE business model. This unique group has become involved with BRAVE as a result of “hand-to-hand” recruitment that did not have BRAVE as the focal point of the introduction (link: see graphic).