Dear Friends,

We appreciate your time spent exploring the information on our website. Our 13-year journey has been dedicated to building a solid foundation for supporting military service members and their families after their transition back to civilian life.

BRAVE was established by experts in the human services sector and military veterans in Massachusetts. Our perspective extends beyond traditional metrics to include the “why” and not just the “how many” in measuring success beyond just gathering data.

We use data to take on the challenge of determining the long-term needs of veterans, as well as the underlying factors behind those needs. This process led one of our veterans to coin the phrase, “BRAVE knows what veterans need before veterans know they need it!” We strive to make this vision a reality along with placing a strong emphasis on the financial well-being of veterans’ families.

Our sponsored 501(c)3 status allows you to make tax-exempt contributions in various forms and for purposes that helps us continue making a difference – not just for a select few but, as a Pentagon TOP Sergeant once exclaimed, “…you’re trying to help the whole force!” With your assistance, we are more than ready to take on this challenge. Thank you!

Leroy Ashwood, President and CEO